Automatic watch winder: is it really useful?





This is a fairly recurring question that in fact deserves attention. Essential object or simple luxury accessory, opinions are divided, even if the watch winder is still widely recommended. On the internet, offers and models of winders are not lacking. Mr Watch offers you to go for the question.


Those who have a high quality automatic watch in particular, should keep it and take special care to ensure its correct operation over time. The winder will allow this maintenance without the owner of the kicker having to take care of any adjustments.

In fact, an automatic watch stops when it has not been used for some time. Therefore, it must be reassembled manually when the person wants to put it back on. An exercise that can be tedious, even risky. This is where the winder comes in, whose function is to automatically wind the knocker by naturally reproducing wrist movements. In addition, the use of this device is very simple, since it is enough to place the watch in the holder and then insert everything in the watch winder. The latter will allow you to configure the time and other functions, while extending the life of the watch.

In addition to its convenience, its practicality, the finish It is also an aesthetic accessory that in itself constitutes a jewel for the watch it houses. Some particularly worked models even act as decorative objects.

The cons

For others, the watch winder will tend to wear watch movement unnecessarily, especially if it is used continuously for a long time. Therefore, the winder seems more suitable for short-term rather than long-term use.

The price is also a brake because a good winder requires a certain budget that could, for example, buy a new fall.

Finally, for true enthusiasts, the pleasure of an automatic watch is also in its handling, including the necessary adjustment when it has stopped. Many say it is a fun routine and a way to interact with their watches.

Tips for the road

Look winder: is it really useful?

Given these diverse findings, we recommend that you opt for a winder that allows you to control the number of turns per day so as not to abuse the movement. As we said before, if you want to buy a watch winder, do not skimp on quality and price with models such as the Swiss Kubik or the Wolf 1834. Now it is better to pay a little more for this accessory, instead of paying expensive later to repair the movement of your watch.

Nicolas Forni

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