How to recognize a true counterfeit Rolex?





We were talking recently about the great debate between tribute clocks, replicas and counterfeits. Now we are seeing the last option, imitation, to teach you how to quickly differentiate the true from the false, taking the example of the Rolex House watches.

In some models, the difference is obvious and even attracts attention. However, other watches are so well imitated that many people do not see the difference with the authentic version and then can be deceived. However, no matter how good the imitation is, there will always be differences, with a true model of superior quality compared to the fake one. Question of budget, time, manufacturing and know-how.

Rolex It is a good example to address the issue. In fact, the watches of this prestigious watch house are considered an excellent investment, especially old and second-hand models. No wonder it is also one of the most counterfeit brands in the world.

These are the main points that can let you know if it is an authentic Rolex or a fake.

The date

rolex date

The date should be written very small in your window for the correct arrangement of the clock and the mechanism. Then a magnifying glass is placed on the figure, to optimize its visibility. This gives a large date in an original model (2.5X magnification), while it will be small in a false model (maximum magnification 2X magnification).


Rolex typography

Like any high-end watchmaker who respects himself, Rolex does not skimp on finishes. The smallest detail is worked, including the letters of the dial that must be perfectly glued and in harmony with the rest of the elements. If there is the slightest defect, it is a fake.

The back of the case

Rolex box bottom

Normally, the latter is never transparent and does not reveal the mechanism. If this is the case, then it is a fake. In fact, only two particularly rare Rolex creations dating back to 1930 have a glass bottom. If you buy a modern model, the bottom will be full.

You can also see the engravings because Rolex never has marks on the back, but on the inside.


It is said that all Rolex are 100% waterproof. If it is a fake, it is unlikely to be compatible with immersion. To verify, simply immerse the model in water for a few seconds, then see if the liquid flows to the dial, something that is not likely to occur with a real Rolex.

The sound of movement

Rolex movement

As you can imagine, the gears of a fake will never reach the precision of those of a real Rolex. If the ticking of the clock is too loud, it is because it is false. For an authentic model, you will have to put your ear and concentrate to hear the noise.


Rolex weight

A Rolex must weigh a relatively significant weight since it is made of quality metals. A watch that is too light will probably be an imitation.

Nicolas Forni

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