Watch news : Apple Watch sales outperform Swiss watches in 2019





An American study notes that Apple sold more watches in 2019 than all major Swiss brands for the first time. According to the authors, the advance of the Apple Watch will be particularly detrimental to the segment of affordable ready-to-use watches that represent brands such as Swatch or Tissot.

Officially, Apple does not communicate an official figure related to the sales volumes recorded by its connected watch activity. By crossing the analysis of the financial results and the data obtained from different organizations specialized in distribution or export, the analysts manage to estimate with certain precision the figures achieved by the brand.

Apple Watch sales exceed those of Swiss watches in 2019

Specialist in market research in the technological world, the Strategy Analytics firm indicates in its latest report that Apple delivered 30.7 million copies of its Apple Watch worldwide in 2019. These deliveries reflect a 36% sales growth in a year. In front, the Swiss watch industry, according to Strategy Analytics, delivered around 21.1 million watches worldwide in 2019, a figure 13% lower than the previous year. In 2018, the balance of power was still in favor of Swiss manufacturers, with 24.2 million watches delivered from Switzerland against 22.5 million units on the side of the US brand.

How to interpret this investment?

It should be noted that the study focuses on sales in volume and not in value, which explains why the Swiss industry as a whole can record an increase in turnover in 2019 despite this decrease. In other words, Apple Watch sales are likely not to phagocyte the top of the market and luxury watches, but rather the affordable watch segment, in which the most significant volumes are made.

Traditional Swiss manufacturers, such as Swatch and Tissot, are losing the war on smart watches, “the study authors say.” The Apple Watch offers a better value proposition. It is distributed through deeper channels and more attractive to young consumers who show a growing interest in connected watches.


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