Watch news : Beaubleu Paris watch, new elegant collection: UNION

Beaubleu Paris, the French brand that offered us original watches with circular needles at the end of 2017, returns with a new collection. In 2018, we talked with Nicolas Pham, the designer and co-creator of the brand, to learn a little more about its history and its projects. I was already talking about collection ideas that were in development at that time, and had been able to arouse our curiosity. After waiting a bit, we can finally see his new jewels presented in the UNION collection, which will be launched on the Kickstarter platform on February 29, 2020.

Beaubleu, little reminder

Let’s start by putting things in context. Beaubleu is a French brand created by two passionate watchmakers: Nicolas Pham, the designer we interviewed for his first collection, and Emmanuel Georgy, in charge of the brand, communication and marketing strategy. His first collection launched at the end of 2017, as we said earlier, caused a stir in the Parisian world of watchmaking and design, in particular due to its circular needles that made us think of a Russian model of the early 80’s, The Raketa Copernicus

the Paris doll

Therefore, the company is based in Paris, but works internationally. His first collection was trained by the Japanese movements of Miyota, they maintain associations with Swiss actors on a technical level, they offer Italian leather bracelets and they assemble their products in Hong Kong. A company that seems to take full advantage of the simplicity of working internationally to offer accessible and quality products.

The creators of Beaubleu announced that they had launched their brand because they had things to say and new ideas to offer in the world of watchmaking. His concept seemed to be based on an interpretation of the watch that was out of tune with the codes of classical watchmaking, staying close to its customers and offering them not only a simple product, but an authentic and personalized experience.

The names of the different models in their first collection were there to define the character traits of the brand, and therefore we found Le Lumineux, Le Mystérieux, Le Survolté and Le Dynamique. But do we find this spirit and these promises in the new UNION collection? Let’s find out together.

UNION Collection, deeply Parisian

First, as expected, we find the main signature of Beaubleu, namely beautiful and fine circular needles. But this time there are three! The UNION collection marks the arrival of a second hand, also round, which was absent in B01, the first collection of the Parisian brand.

The UNION collection is divided into two, with a Rive Gauche line that hides 4 references and a Rive Droite line that offers two. Therefore, Beaubleu strongly reaffirms its Parisian origins with line names that clearly refer to the rivalry of the capital, based on geography. Who are the best among those who live south of the Seine and, therefore, on the left bank, and those who are north of the Seine, on the right bank? It is well thought out for marketing! Beaubleu, therefore, seizes these internationally recognized denominations and reveals his vision of the matter by offering significantly different designs, keeping the main lines and essential components in common.

Some features

The different models in the left margin and right margin lines share their main characteristics. The case of all watches in this UNION collection is made of 316L stainless steel and measures 39 millimeters in diameter and 9.4 millimeters in thickness. Therefore, we are in the presence of elegant and refined watches, with the perfect proportions to make it a daily watch in jeans and t-shirt, but also a dress watch that will slide under a shirt and will be perfectly combined with a suit . .

Note that in models with white needles, these are treated with Super-Luminova and, therefore, are perfectly visible in the dark.

It is a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal that closes this elegant case and protects the dial. The set offers a water resistance of only 3 ATM, it’s a bit embarrassing, but a better seal may have required a larger box and compromise design and comfort … Anyway or

On a technical level, Beaubleu seems to have been satisfied with his association with Miyota for his first collection, since they are putting him back here, even with the Miyota 9015, specially decorated for the occasion. It is a robust automatic movement with 3 hands and 24 jewels, which offers 42 hours of power reserve, found, for example, in Charlie Paris watches with date option, or in Zeppelin or Laco models.

Union Beaubleu Collection. Interesting designs:

Therefore, the two lines present in this new Union collection share their technical characteristics, but offer variations in terms of design.

Left margin

left-blue shore

The Rive Gauche line aims to be “confidential and timeless” according to the Beaubleu team. It is available in 4 references that offer marriages of different colors, mixing matte and bright with elegance. Near the center of the classic flat dial, there is a railroad dedicated to the hours, the color of which varies according to the model to remember the hands or the case. Near the outer end are the indexes of minutes painted in dots with an Arabic number every 5 minutes.

The 4 references of this line are:

audacity, a model with a matte black PVD treated case in the bezel and rose gold in the rest, with a black dial also in which the white hour and minute hands stand out perfectly. The second hand of rose gold remembers the case beautifully, while contrasting.

Olympus, with a case covered with rose gold PVD that remembers the color of the hour and minute hands and with a whitish dial called “Alabaster White”. The second hand contrasts once again with a magnificent bright blue, the emblematic color of the brand.

without fear, which offers a steel-colored case with the bezel subjected to a black PVD treatment, a beautiful blue dial called “Bleau Klein” and white needles plus a blue second hand.

without fear There is also a whitish “Alabaster White” dial like the Olympe model, with the three blue hands, which is the fourth model in this line.

Right bank

beaubleu union-design

A right bank

The Rive Droite line is distinguished by a curved dial with a lacquered finish. The surface mounted railroad has given way to finely painted round minute markers, and the outer band of the dial offers indexes applied every 5 minutes. It is announced as “innovative and sophisticated” by the brand. It offers two models.

verve, with a steel colored case and a curved Klein blue dial, just like the second hand. The other two needles contrast perfectly with the rest thanks to its white color.

The second model is also a Brio, but with a curved emerald green sphere of the most beautiful effect. The second hand also adopts this original and daring green that works perfectly.

Beaubleu Union, what to think then?


Beaubleu offers us a complete collection, with elegant and distinguished lines, with quality technique. Continuing with the giant Miyota suggests that they were completely satisfied with the Japanese supplier during the first collection. The choice of different colors and finishes attests to real artistic research and demonstrates that the brand knows how to dare when necessary, respecting certain codes that are its own. Beaubleu’s spirit seems to be perfectly reflected through the different references of this new collection. Therefore, the brand remains true to itself, while going a little further in research and originality. He seems to want to confirm his guideline and show us that he knows where he is going.

The UNION Collection promises to be a great opportunity to always look a little more at French watchmakers and rediscover a Parisian micro-brand that we will probably hear for quite some time!