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EU brands can boast of offering watches dedicated to professionals who carry out high-risk missions, the Japanese brand Casio has become its playground to perfect its G-SHOCK presenting the Master of G models, models designed in collaboration and For these action-oriented men! Resistant to the most difficult conditions, this collection is based on the characteristics of the Casio flagship watch to offer the best to the most demanding professional worlds, today we have to expand this range a bit out of the ordinary.

The Master of G line consists of marine watches with the model Gulfmaster, watches designed to survive with the Mudmaster and pilot watches with the GravityMaster. Now let’s take a closer look at these 3 very technical collections that are also frequently found in the wrists of everyday adventurers thanks to their dynamic and sporty style.

Take on sea missions with GulfMaster

G Casio Gulf Master Master - GWN-Q1000-1AER
G Casio Gulf Master Master – GWN-Q1000-1AER

The Master of G GulfMaster is a robust watch capable of facing the most extreme conditions and missions of the sea.. A clock with legibility that is infallible thanks to a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment but also to a double LED lighting. Designed in its latest version (GWN-Q10000) in close collaboration with the teams of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, the GulfMaster is an over-equipped model that adapts perfectly to the G-SHOCK watch line. This new model offers in particular a tide indicator, a barometer, a compass, a thermometer, a depth gauge thanks to the integration of the Quad sensor technology (1st watch equipped with this technology) capable of detecting climatic variations in the middle of the ocean, this, of course, in addition to the wide range of functions ” more classic “Like the countdown, the alarm, the calendar …

The Japanese house does not forget to take care of the aesthetics of this watch here offering a spicy maritime design what makes the link between functionality, practicality and orderly aesthetics.

Survive in difficult environments with the MudMaster

Casio MudMaster Master of G - GWG-1000
Casio MudMaster Master of G – GWG-1000

The MudMaster is a watch developed by Casio engineers in collaboration with the “SmokeJumpers “In other words, American firefighters parachute into forest fires to stop its spread. Suffice it to say that the MudMaster is subject to the harshest conditions and must show exemplary behavior! Protection against mud, dust, vibrations, carbon seconds, double LED lighting, battery level indicator, radio signal reception, advanced solar technology that provides the necessary energy for clock operation, triple sensor technology for quick viewing and precise of the barometer, the compass, the altimeter and the thermometer, nothing seems to have been forgotten, everything has been tested. This watch dedicated to the most demanding professionals seems real survival tool !

On the design side, the new MudMaster GWG-1000 At the same time, there is no shortage of personality with its camouflage, gold and yellow versions, achieving as always the challenge of offering a multitude of functions without compromising visibility on each of the indicators.

GravityMaster, an additional instrument on board

Casio GravityMaster Master of G - GPW 1000
Casio GravityMaster Master of G – GPW 1000

[pull_quote_right]Each element has its place on board: the instinct, the experience and the instruments on which we have to trust 100%. Captain Andreas Mouritsen[/pull_quote_right]Last model presented here from the Master of G range, but not least, the GravityMaster, a watch originally developed in accordance with the specifications developed by the pilots of the Royal Air Force and now also used by the pilots of the rescue teams of the Faroe Islands (Atlantic Airways helicopter division), just that! The image is drawn, a clock that accompanies daily air professionals who carry out missions with high risk of saving lives, military missions …

For these demanding professionals, the GravityMaster has a housing resistant to shocks, vibrations, but also centrifugal force, an accurate indication of the time thanks to GPS, the reception of radio signals … in fact it is a real additional instrument for aviation professionals ! We also observe, as always, an orderly design that pushes, as for all models of the Master of G collection, non-professionals to adopt these extraordinary watches.

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Article produced in collaboration with Casio.