Watch news : Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS CC3075-80 E. Test Reviews

Soon, we will tell you about the genesis of the Rolex GMT Master, this pilot tool watch that has become a true watch monument. She is considered by many as the most emblematic travel watch of all time, but that does not mean that the other “Travel watches” do not deserve our interest. Many watchmakers offer very interesting watches with various complications for regular travelers, and sometimes at much more affordable prices than the sums that GMTs are exchanged from the brand to the crown … To illustrate my point, we had already talked about a Seiko GMT , but today, here is our Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS GPS test CC3075-80 E.

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Citizen: historical fast


Citizen Watch Co. Ltd., by its Japanese name “Shichizun tokei Kabushiki-gaisha“It is a Japanese company that offers electronic products and other components for computers, but which is mainly known internationally for its watches. Citizen manufactures and distributes many watches with its own name, and also owns the American watch brand Bulova.

The Citizen brand is not its first attempt, since it was registered in 1918 in Switzerland by the watchmaker Rodolphe Schmid, who was very active in Japan in the watchmaking sector as a merchant. He also established an assembly shop in Yokohama, then a factory in Tokyo. In 1930, the merger of the Schmid factory and the Japanese workshop. Shokosha gives birth to the company Citizen Watch Co Strictly speaking, Schmid imports Swiss machine tools into the archipelago for Citizen factories, and works closely with Swiss engineers and watchmakers, particularly from Geneva.


The citizen is clearly the result of a technology transfer. The company has based its international expansion on partnerships with international players, including LIP in France. It has also opened factories worldwide, such as India, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, etc. Today, it employs almost 20,000 people worldwide, and is undoubtedly respected in the watchmaking sector.

She owns another giant in the sector, the watchmaker Miyota, who launched in 1959 in the city of the same name. Miyota is one of the largest gauge manufacturers in the world, and its accessible and robust movements are a true guarantee of quality.


In 1993, Citizen launched the world’s first multi-band atomic time clock, with a margin of error of the order of a second in more than 100,000 years, just that!

Eco-Drive Technology


The watch that interests us today, the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS CC3075-80 E, is driven by a quartz movement that benefits from Eco-Drive technology, as we discovered in its name. This is one of the emblematic technologies developed by Citizen, which was developed in 1976. It consists of recharging a lithium-ion battery using light energy, whether natural or artificial. In a nutshell, this provides the advantages of a classic quartz watch, particularly in terms of precision and cost of production, without the inconveniences related to pollution linked, among others, to the treatment of used batteries.

Since its invention, Citizen has continuously improved this technology, and has been praised several times, in Japan and elsewhere, for its contribution to environmental protection. In this CC3075-80 E, it is announced that once fully charged, the battery will last 7 years (yes, you read it correctly, 7 years), in energy saving mode.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS CC3075-80 E

A committed design

This new travel watch has a round black PVD case 44 millimeters in diameter and weighs 167 grams. Therefore, it is quite massive and quite heavy, which gives it an imposing appearance without exaggeration, which gives it a strong image. We immediately realize that we are in the presence of a quality product once the object is in hand.

Citizen-GPS wrist

The bracelet, also in black PVD, is equipped with a simple folding clasp with a safety clasp and two side clasps to open. It is pleasant to the touch and hugs the wrist perfectly. I’m still a little scared of how black PVD ages, since several examples in my collection of black PVD have clearly worn out over time and now allow you to see the color of stainless steel under the black top layer, but it’s supposed to The new processes will be much more resistant over time. You can also keep in mind that you will have to remove one or more links from this PVD bracelet to shorten it, since it does not offer the possibility of micro-adjustment.

This Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS CC3075-80 E is available in several colors, including red, which is very effective, and a blue that has informed us that it causes problems in terms of clarity of information. The model we tested uses green as you can see in the opposite photos. This bright color gives it an original, almost futuristic appearance, and makes it stand out.

Its overall design is sporty, elegant and sophisticated, largely due to the representation of the dial. This is mainly silver with touches of green, and it worked very finely.

A thin green circle marks the link between the glass and the flange. Just below this circle of color, at the top of the flange, there is a thin strip in which the letters corresponding to no less than 40 cities around the world, corresponding to a different time zone, are inscribed. Below the diminutive of each city, at the bottom of the flange, there is also a figure that indicates the time difference between the time zone corresponding to the city and the reference time, that of the London time zone, which is found at 12 o’clock on the dial. For example, the first city after London on the dial is Paris. Then we can read in this thin strip PAR, the diminutive of the city, and below, a +1, which means that when it is noon in London, it is 1 in the afternoon in Paris.

Under these inscriptions, we fall at the end of the dial, in which we discover the minute marks, then a broad band with a very fine finish like “guilloche”, which covers a relief in a kind of waves that make you think of a turbine . This gives the watch inspirations very close to aeronautics. In the center of the dial, there is a circle of polished dark steel.

Citizens-GPS and return

The representation of the dial as a whole is excellent, and the reflection of the light according to its origin is magnificent. This is an important point considering the fact that light is the source of life of this watch.

The hour and minute hands are “glaive” openwork hands, with the inside of the tip treated with a luminescent coating to facilitate reading information in the dark. However, in the whole sphere, only these tips of the hands are luminescent. Therefore, reading the night is not very clear. The second hand, very important in the use of this watch of the future, is a fine and green needle.

High-end technical characteristics.


The quartz movement that drives this watch is the F150 caliber. It is a multifaceted high performance movement:

  • Handle 3 hands on the main dial
  • It is equipped with a perpetual calendar until February 28, 2100 with its date window at 3 o’clock
  • It offers a sub-dial between 7 am and 8 am that indicates the day of the week, a power reserve indicator and a summer time activation indicator or not, indicated by an SMT registration for “Summer Time” in English.

This watch communicates with the satellites using a GPS system to identify the time zone in which your user is located and deduct the exact time. This allows extraordinary precision and fully automatic adjustment.


Its PVD case is closed with a mineral crystal to protect the dial. The mineral glass chosen can be very good, it does not match the scratch resistance of a sapphire crystal. The lower part of the housing is equipped and made of stainless steel without the black PVD finish. This caseback is finely engraved with inscriptions related to the watch, your GPS and other information.

The watch announces a water resistance of 10ATM, which means you can keep it in the shower, or even go swimming in the pool, but it is not designed for diving.


Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS CC3075-80 E is a true summary of the technology. It will take a little time to understand the operation of the mechanism, GPS, time reception and others (explanations are found later in the article), but everything is relatively simple to understand once the object is in the hand and Above all, nothing is superfluous. For regular travelers, this 40 time zone watch can, perhaps, really make life easier. The perpetual calendar is also a real advantage.

It is a watch that imposes, that offers a design that shakes the classics and that, therefore, will not be liked by everyone, but that has the merit of offering something new and that has clearly been the subject of investigation. important both technologically and artistically. I can already hear the outraged purists on a dial so loaded and so far from the classic codes, but personally, this design convinced me.

Citizen Card

I regret the mineral glass a little, although once again it is of very good quality, as well as the luminescent treatment only at the tip of the two main needles. But in general, it is an excellent contemporary watch, robust, ultra precise thanks to its GPS connection, and that can be used as a sports watch or as a night watch.

Citizen has always claimed an avant-garde image at certain points, especially technological ones. The Japanese brand with Swiss heritage shows once again that it deserves its place among the giants of the watchmaking sector.

And for those of you who remember the 80s, I join Francis Perrin to add: “We always need a ccccccccCitizen!”

Bonus: explanations of how it works

Here are some explanations about how it works:

When the button is pressed at 2 o’clock, the sub-dial hand will rotate to indicate the charge level for a few seconds, before returning to its normal operating position, which indicates the day of the week.
This pressure also returns the three hands of the main dial at 12 o’clock, before returning to its on position.


A continuous pressure on this button will launch the second hand towards the city corresponding to your GPS location, then the watch will enter the GPS signal search mode and you can receive it in a minimum of 3 seconds. When searching for the signal, the second hand is placed in front of the green RX GPS inscription, which means GPS reception.

It is one of the fastest watches on the market for GPS reception. If you are indoors or in a remote area, the search may take a few more seconds. Once the signal is found, the second hand will indicate the city that corresponds to its location in terms of time zone, among the 40 cities listed at the end of the dial.

When you press the button at 4 o’clock, you will be informed if the time corresponds to that received by the GPS signal depending on where you are. The second hand will be placed in front of the inscription “OK” at 1:00 if the time corresponds to the GPS signal, or in front of the “NO” at 11:00 if this is not the case.

By holding down the button at 4 o’clock for a few seconds, the second hand will be placed in front of the green RX TIME inscription just after 11 o’clock on the dial, indicating that the watch is in the process of receiving the GPS time. Again, if reception is successful, the second hand will show OK on the dial, before returning to your classic second hand job.

citizen button

When you pull the crown towards position number one, you will see that the second hand moves to the city in its current time zone. Turning the crown to this position will move the second hand from one city to another, and the hour and minute hands will adapt to the time zone of the city where it stops. This means that by turning the crown to position 1, you have instant access to the time in 40 different time zones, simply by passing the second hand from one city to another.

While the crown is pulled out to position 1, pressing the button at 4 o’clock allows you to change the summer time indicator on the sub-dial from ON to OFF and vice versa.

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Citizen Eco-Drive GPS CC3075-80 E: excellent

  • features

  • design

  • Design / Materials

  • Value for money


Advantages and disadvantages

What I liked:

The 40 time zones
Original design

The thing I liked the least:

Mineral glass
Lack of luminescent indexes

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