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Oom today in a watch that everyone knows, a watch that since its first appearance in 1983 has never stopped evolving, a unique and inimitable watch with an undeniable reputation, the Casio G-SHOCK! For the record, the first G-SHOCK was designed by Kikuo Ibe (Casio R&D engineer in Tokyo) and his team after an unfortunate fall of his watch offered by his father who broke, the only goal of Kikuo was then to work on the development of a truly indestructible watch … Two years of work, a small dose of madness and more than 200 prototypes will have been necessary for the Casio R&D team to leave Tokyoïte building the first G-SHOCK!

At the launch of this first G-SHOCK model, Casio is still considered, but not for long, as a ” young »Watch brand. The Japanese brand specializing in the manufacture of electronic products and commercial equipment solutions had launched first wrist watch in 1974, an era at the crossroads between watchmaking and digital … The rest, we all know it with a pretty crazy development after the success achieved by the different ranges of the Japanese house, but today we remain focused on the famous G-SHOCK.

Today, a true G-Shockmania has swept the planet, the unbreakable watch signed by Casio has conquered the world, finding itself on the wrist of an audience that is more than varied … Young, athletes, adventurers, lovers of extreme sports, all have adopted the G-SHOCK for its innovative capabilities . common, but also for its specific modern design. The celebrities themselves are snatching the different versions of this model, from Eminem to Lady Gaga, through Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Pharell Williams or Taïg Chris! It must be said that since the first model, the Japanese brand has been able to develop its flagship watch in a very pleasant way. The G-SHOCK is also now a true fashion watch!

Casio G-SHOCK 1983 - DW-5000C
Casio G-SHOCK 1983 – DW-5000C

In 1983, the first G-SHOCK meets the objectives set by Kikuo Ibe, create a resistant watch falls from 10 meters, water resistant to 10 bars and have a 10 year lifespan, a crazy project made possible by the integration of important innovations, such as the installation of a floating module in the form of shock absorbers in the clock to avoid impacts on the mechanism. Surname ” G-SHOCK “Refers to move on to” Gravitational shock “…

Over the years, the clock evolves, becomes increasingly resistant and offers always more features. Cascading, some characteristics that define G-SHOCK well: solar energy operation, shock resistance, magnetic waves, vibrations, underwater pressure, low temperatures, hammer blows … and various functions and, sometimes, very Specific according to the model: altimeter, compass, barometer, atomic time reception, temperature sensor, stopwatch, countdown, electroluminescent backlight, bluetooth …

The utility clock become fashionable and great (sold to more than 80 million worldwide – 2016 figure) has adapted over the years while retaining the DNA infused by its creator Kikuo Ibe. Today making the appearance of a watch that is offered at a fair price, the watch continues to seduce surely also because, in parallel with the technological innovations that mark its development, G-SHOCK takes care of his style, as evidenced by the arrival a few years ago of a wide range of colors or even accessible models for “small” dolls with the “Baby-G” models of 1994.

But the Japanese brand does not stop there and continues today innovating and surprising as it shows the G-SHOCK premium MRG range, high-end models manufactured with the strictest attention to detail at Yamagata in Japan, which once again demonstrates Casio’s desire to move forward and evolve its flagship model to better meet G-SHOCK fans who can appreciate the link between innovative hyperfunctional watch, a taste for high watchmaking and Japanese crafts.

A true gem with the most advanced technologies such as hybrid GPS technology, the G-SHOCK MR-G offered here in titanium combines very well two universes that may seem distant at the beginning … The history of G-SHOCK has definitely not He has finished writing …

Article produced in collaboration with Casio.