Watch news : Straton Watch Co. presents the Tourer collection

After lifting more than one million Swiss francs Through 5 campaigns on the American financing platform Kickstarter, Straton presents a new collection called “Tourer”. Small difference this time, the (younger than that) Zurich brand offers its watches to pre-order directly on your site. Illuminate this new watch inspired by motor racing in the 1970s.

About Straton Watch Co.

We’ve discovered straton in 2016, one year after the launch of its first Vintage collection on Kickstarter. Its financing objective of CHF 20,000 was reached in just 3 hours, something rare for a watch at that time, and finally exceeded CHF 150,000 after 30 days. After that, the successes continued: 207,364CHF in 2016 for the Curve-Chrono collection, 258,843CHF for the Synchro collection in 2017, 256,710CHF for the Speciale collection in 2018 and then 135,102CHF for the Legera collection in early 2019. The recipe for your success? Stay true to your convictions by offering vintage style watches That smell of hot tar!

A collection inspired by the 70s.

Compound 6 modelsor rather 4 with different sizes, the Strarer Tourer collection is the first of the brand that is not offered in chronograph. Each model is available in 5 colors (blue, black, green, brown, gold), which gives you the opportunity to choose between 30 combinations ! This time, the Swiss brand is committed to 3 hands with date, GMT or triple date (annual calendar). Even with this barrel box that made the success of the Synchro, Legera and Curve-Chrono collections, this watch has several crowns, giving it a very well-known style at that time and used for diving watches: the supercompressor. An atypical provision that reinforces its retro look and shows once again that Straton is no exception to its rule and affirms its uniqueness. The same for the bracelets: a steel with 7 links in a jubilee style, then perforated leathers with Italian seams. With such attributes, charm operates instantly.

Straton Tourer GMT Quartz 40 and 43 mm

The only quartz models in this collection, these watches are available in two sizes. The first: 40 mm wide by 43 mm long with an inter 20 mm horn. The second: 43 mm wide by 48.5 mm long with a space of 22 mm. The thickness, however, is identical: 13.4 mm. Each watch has a sunburst sphere With large hands and satin applied indexes. the bidirectional bezel with an aluminum insert, it marks the hours with a background color identical to the background of the dial and completed by two AM / PM segments differentiated by colors that match the GMT and the second hands. These work with a movement of quartz signed Ronda, the caliber 515 whose battery has a useful life of 45 months. The set is covered with a anti-reflective sapphire crystal then equipped with a solid bottom with a 200 meter water resistance ! Your price: $ 299 $ 399 in leather, $ 319 $ 419 in steel, $ 339 $ 449 With both

Straton Tourer GMT Automatic 43mm

For the automatic version, straton He used the same case as the 43mm version of the Tourer GMT Quartz. The technical characteristics are therefore identical. However, the movement becomes automatic with a caliber that we still did not know: a SwissTech S24-45. This movement with a fourth hand for the GMT function and then a date window oscillates at 28,800 vibrations per hour, is equipped with 29 rubies and offers 36 hours power reserve. It has a second stop function and an oscillating weight mounted on ball bearings. his the daily deviation is -12 / + 12 seconds. More or less, it is a clone of ETA 2893 (and that is a good thing). Your price: $ 499 $ 699 in leather, $ 519 $ 719 in steel, $ 539 $ 749 With both

Straton Tourer Triple Automatic Calendar 43mm

Let’s continue with the Triple Date version of Straton Tourer. Like the GMT automatic version, this model maintains the proportions of 43 mm wide, 48.5 mm long, 13.4 mm thick and 22 mm in the center of the horn. The same with the anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Obviously, his first notable difference is at the dial level where there are two available bi-compax meters with the indication of the day at 9 a.m. and then the month at 3 a.m. The date window remains at 6 o’clock. Then it is in the bevel marks that things change, emphasizing the minutes with a unidirectional rotation. Its automatic movement is a Miyota caliber 9122 which oscillates at 28,800 A / h with 40 hours of power reserve and a deviation of -10 / + 30 seconds per day. Your price: $ 449 $ 649 in leather, $ 469 $ 669 in steel, $ 489 $ 699 With both

Straton Tourer Three Hand Automatic 40 and 43 mm

Let’s finish with the most traditional watch of this Tourer collection: the 3 hands with date. Take the dimensions of the 40 and 43 mm boxes of the GMT Quartz version, while retaining the 13.4 mm thickness and the anti-reflective sapphire crystal or even the200 meter water resistance. However, their automatic movement It is not Swiss, but Japanese. This is the venerable Miyota Caliber 9015 which was designed by the Japanese manufacturer to counter ETA 2824. With a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, this movement with 24 jewels offers 42 hours of energy reserve. Seconds stop function, anti-shock system, fast date, mass mounted on ball bearings, has everything you need where you need it. Your daily deviation is -10 / + 30 seconds. Your price: $ 399 $ 599 in leather, $ 419 $ 619 in steel, $ 439 $ 649 With both