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We all have our rituals, these little things that allow us to feel better, to calm down. For some, it is a way to “control” their life better, for others it is only a way to escape, to make a saving pause during the long days.

Watchmaking, cigars, whiskey or tea, certain pleasures contribute to the art of living, this is the reason we do not hesitate to talk about it in
For many people, tea has become one of these rituals, simple, sacred and beneficial, which is part of our daily lives. It is closely related to the concept of time, more than any other drink. He even has the right to his ceremony in Japan.

Unfortunately, very few brands, even the most expensive, do not play the game of simplicity.
Teaura is a young Swiss brand that has opted for the quality and ethics of these producers. A small company that deserves an approach since the quality of its teas is remarkable.


As I said in the introduction, it is difficult to find quality tea, without additives, in our stores. Fresh tea leaves, stored in good condition and not months and months in warehouses before drying and crumbling in our teapots.
Jamie McKee, the founder of Teaura, made the same observation when he arrived in Switzerland 4 years ago. English raised to teabags, the taste and passion for good tea arrived late. This is the case for many, as if a certain maturity is needed to fully appreciate the incredible aromatic richness of a Japanese sencha or a Chinese Long Jing.

As he says very well: “I was fascinated by the fact that a single plant, Camellia Sinensis, can offer such a large and vast variety of aromas and profiles of different flavors depending on the terroir. And individual cultivation methods used.”

Noticing a true lack of quality organic teas in the Swiss market, Jamie decides to launch into this niche. More than a year of preparation, whole nights to test samples from all over the world with amateur friends, in order to select the best crops. Then, site visits to find out, judge for yourself. Offering organic products is good, but Jamie also wants these producers to share the same philosophy as him. Small producers, eco-responsible and often Ecocert certified (the most demanding international organic label with these producers). Short circuits, from the producer to the consumers, all this as quickly as possible so as not to alter the freshness and aromas of the teas offered.

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In addition, in Teaura there is an endless list of tea and provenance, unfortunately often betraying a storage time that is too long and, often, a random upstream production control.
Teaura offers about thirty teas, 10 high-end green teas that include a magnificent Shizuaka Sencha, a small wonder, a subtle balance of sweetness and astringency with floral flavors.
To complete his range of Japanese tea, Jamie also offers a Hôji-Cha, a Genmaicha, a Kuki-Cha and two Matcha qualities.
Some Chinese green teas do not have to turn pale in front of Japanese teas, such as this rarity of the Chunan Mountains in Zhejiang Province. A wild Long Jing with thick leaves that develop a subtle aroma of orchids, a wonder.
More specialized in green teas, Teaura also offers 5 black teas (Keemun, Moofeng, Lapsang souchong), 2 South African rooibos, 3 white teas, 4 pu-erh and 3 olong, all of high quality and finely selected.

At a time of globalization, where excessive marketing is becoming the norm and the quality aspect is often in the background, Teaura is taking this trend against the grain by offering us a simple but effective packaging (tea bag with zipper, hermetic and protecting the tea from light), shorts that leave everything to what the consumer expects: quality organic tea.

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