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Aviation watch fans are numerous and are not limited to airplane pilots alone! The world of aeronautics, without a doubt, has allowed watch brands to stand out, some have even made a specialty of watches dedicated to aviators and professional fans in the sector.. Specific features, optimum readability, pilot watches are real tools that can sometimes be really complementary to traditional instruments on board.

Today we suggest you accompany us to the discovery of the most beautiful pilot watches, some have marked the history of aeronautics, others have become true legendary watches in a few years, expand these watches they have made and continue to dream of generations of watchmaking and aviation enthusiasts!

Breitling Navitimer

Breitling Navitimer 01 - Visual Copyright
Breitling Navitimer 01 – Visual Copyright

The Breitling Navitimer is the flagship aviation watch in Breitling, a Swiss brand that has built its reputation with these instruments dedicated to aeronautics! Launched in 1952, the Navitimer stands out at first sight thanks to the presence of its famous circular aviation calculation rule. This chronograph certainly represents the best aviation watch for many watch lovers.

Breitling Transocean

Look at the Breitling Transocean collection
Look at the Breitling Transocean collection

Presented in 1958 by Breitling, the Transocean is a classic aviation watch. which accompanied, in the words of the brand itself, the development of air transport between continents! An elegant chronograph that today takes up perfectly the classic and contemporary aesthetics of the watches of the fifties and sixties.

Cartier Santos-Dumont

Cartier Santos Dumont - Visual Copyright
Cartier Santos Dumont – Visual Copyright

Created in 1904 by Louis Cartier himself, Cartier Santos-Dumont responds to the request of Brazilian aviator Albert Santos Dumont, who later wished he could read the time even in flight ! This wristwatch that allowed the explorer to read the time while keeping his hands on the controls of his devices is now a cult model of Cartier’s house thanks to its geometric shape and visible screws.

Travel time of the Patek Philippe Calatrava pilot

Travel time of the Patek Philippe Calatrava pilot
Travel time of the Patek Philippe Calatrava pilot

It was in 2015, on the occasion of the Swiss watch fair in Basel, that the Geneva house Patek Philippe presented this Reference of the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 5524 model that allows you to read the time in two time zones, a clock with the air of a pilot watch from the 1930s, the height of the conquest of the air… Vintage-inspired, this watch updates a range that has its origin in the Travel Time patent filed in 1959 by the watch’s master watchmakers. Sale price: 41,610 euros.

Omega SpeedMaster

Omega Speedmaster
Omega Speedmaster “First Omega in Space” – Visual Copyright

First presented by the Swiss house Omega in 1957, The Omega Speedmaster model is undoubtedly one of the most famous luxury watch models in the world.. His presence on the wrist of the astronauts on July 21, 1969, when men first stepped on the moon is not for nothing, few are the clocks that received their ticket to NASA from space … Nicknamed Moonwatch, the Speedmaster is a chronograph with a balanced design especially appreciated by pilot watch enthusiasts.

Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex GMT-Master II - Visual Copyright
Rolex GMT-Master II – Visual Copyright

Originally created for professional use, for pilots who make the first international flights, the Rolex GMT Master II has become over the years the reference clock for globetrotters ! Presented in 1954, this Geneva n ° 1 aviator watch in the world has a GMT function that allows its owner to read in addition to local time, the time of a second time zone and even a third thanks to the telescope

Bell & Ross BR01

Bell & Ross BR01 AirSpeed ​​- Visual Copyright
Bell & Ross BR01 AirSpeed ​​- Visual Copyright

The BR01 is undoubtedly the most characteristic Bell & Ross pilot watch.. At the crossroads of the aeronautical and military worlds. Bell & Ross BR01 watch collection launched in 2005 Presents aviation watches made for extreme professionals. True watchmaking instruments, BR 01 watches offer their characteristic square design (46 mm) so characteristic, a perfect marriage between readability and functionality. More details about the previous model.

Breguet Type XX – XXI – XXII

Breguet Type XXI 3817 - Visual Copyright
Breguet Type XXI 3817 – Visual Copyright

Originally designed in the 1950s for French naval aviation, the watch type XX today has its own collection within the Breguet range with a contemporary civil version equipped with a mechanical movement with automatic winding that preserves the lines of the first models developed for aviators. A classic of aviation watches that shows the attachment of the Breguet family since the early twentieth century to aviation and its development. in particular with Louis Breguet, one of the pioneers of world aviation who left in 1907 for almost a minute in a gyro …

Zenith Pilot Aircraft Watch

Zenith Pilot Aeronef Type 20 GMT 1903 Limited Edition - Zenith Visual Copyright
Zenith Pilot Aircraft Watch Type 20 GMT 1903 Limited Edition – Visual Copyright Zenith

What to wear on your wrist “the father of aeronautics“Louis Blériot on board his plane? A Zenith watch, of course, a watch that he highly recommended”people worried about accuracy. Very soon, the brand saw its name intimately mixed with the extraordinary aviation adventure, the Zenith Pilot Aeronef, recognized for its reliability and robustness, certainly has one of the most beautiful reflections with its dials that give absolute readability priority.

IWC Top Gun

IWA Big Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar Top Gun - Visual Copyright IWC
IWA Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Top Gun – Visual Copyright IWC

It was “only in 1936” that the IWC house embarked on the creation of watches dedicated specifically to aviators.. Fortunately, success does not depend on the number of years, as evidenced by the success of models now known as the famous Mark 11 used by the Royal Air Force for almost 40 years or so. IWC Top Gun with spicy design in the illustration which appeared in 2007 on aviator watches of the Swiss brand.