Watch news : The Cable Z by The Electricianz

here is a young watch brand that will definitely take place in many fan dolls ofwatchmaking.

What happens if, instead of showing the guts of a mechanical watch, a watch brand pays tribute to the electrical energy that powers most time measuring instruments?

Electricianz is a swiss watch brand I am pleased to present a model with a remarkable, atypical and very interesting design: the Z cable.

You will find a video at the end of the article.

The brand is not in its first attempt since this Cable Z is the fifth model released (which counts, at the time of writing this article, six).

Before we start bombing the watch, let’s take a look at the brand and its concept.


Between tradition and modernity … 😂

The Electricianz does not interpret the old refrain of the watch brand that “falls between tradition and modernity”, but immediately shows its desire to create modern and differentiating designs at an excellent price.

Faithful readers of this blog will be immediately linked to a brand that I really like: SevenFriday (see here).

Well, imagine that this link is not a coincidence. SevenFriday and The Electricianz share a common point: Studio Divine, a Swiss brand and design agency for watchmaking products.

The concept of The Electricianz revolves around electricity, as the name implies. The energy at the origin of the clock’s operation and, in the case of the model I present to you, in the explosive colors, the electric wires, the light and even the crown of the clock.


The concept is available in modern, different watches and at very good prices. Are you there? So let’s take a look at the product.


The Cable Z watch

The Cable Z, from the “Electric Art” collection, is a striking watch that doesn’t go unnoticed … And that’s great!

Light yellow 45 mm nylon case, electric blue Nato bracelet and chrome bezel: the tone is set.

I was afraid that the case would be too wide for my wrist, but this diameter is ultimately necessary and justified to adequately highlight the magnificent sphere.

The right part of the dial indicates the hours, minutes and seconds with an opening that reveals a copper coil.

The hands repeat the electrical codes with the second in green and yellow to symbolize the earth, the hours in red for the phase and the minutes in blue for the neutral.

On the left, the electric cables cover the rest of the dial: it is original, creative and well done.

The crown has a recess reminiscent of a flat screw head, an additional detail of the electrician’s universe.


At two o’clock, you notice a button. You press it and, oh surprise! 4 LEDs illuminate the dial! And there, you rejoice as you do, child, when you press the button on your Casio to turn it on for the first time in the dark.

The previous paragraph is sponsored by Bescherelle.


The circuit is complete: electricity, cable power conduction, phase / neutral / earth ——-> Time and light 💡!

And as the concept is complete and The Electricianz has not omitted any detail, the watch case has the form of … Battery.



I do not stop at the movement whose technicality is of little interest in the concept of the clock. Remember that it is the source of electrical energy.

However, keep in mind the presence of an NFC chip (near field communication) that allows you to connect the clock to its owner (traceability), fight against replicas and facilitate after-sales service through The Electricianz application on your phone intelligent. And yes, electricity is also a matter of connection.



Come on, I get carried away with two regrets, even if, at this price, we can’t ask too much:

  • The crystal is not sapphire but K1 mineral (more robust than conventional ore) with an anti-reflective treatment.
  • We would have liked to enjoy the clock in the water, unfortunately it is only water resistant to 3 ATM.

The price, a strong point: 375 euros.

In conclusion, here is an ambitious and successful bet: nobody had made using a battery-powered movement so sexy while putting it in the spotlight!

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