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The Rolex brand is an emblematic brand in the luxury watch sector, but also in the luxury sector in general. So, if we ask an uninitiated who is the most expensive watch brand in the world, it is a safe bet that he thinks of a Rolex watch … Well, no, the world’s most expensive wristwatch is a watch of the Graff Diamonds brand, a jewelery watch presented in 2014 for a whopping 40 million euros!

Rolex does not seem to have embarked on the race for the production of the most expensive watch in the world, however, the Swiss watchmaker is not up to some exceptional models that are snatching gold prices. during auctions The most expensive Rolex in the world. Phillips auctioned in Geneva in May 2016, a Rolex Antimagnetic Reference 4113 Split Second dated 1942 and was produced in only 12 copies.

Rolex most expensive in the world

Made of steel, the Rolex Reference 4113 is not strange Since for several years it was the watch in pole position in the ranking of the most expensive Rolex before being surpassed for a time by an Oyster Perpetual model in cloisonne enamel produced by Marguerite Koch sold at $ 1,242,040, then by an Albino Daytona model 6263 of 1971 that belonged to Eric Clapton himself!

Awarded to $ 2,453,100, Reference 4113 is a model particularly sought and appreciated by collectors due in particular to its “S” functionplit-seconds which allows you to time two events that start at the same time, but don’t end at the same time. A particularly rare complication for the Geneva watch brand! For more information, do not hesitate to consult this article or we chose it in 2015 ” The most beautiful Rolex in the world. “…

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Rolex most expensive in the world – Copyright

Away from the records set at auction for the rarest Patek Philippe watches or for certain exceptional jewelry pieces presented by Graff Diamonds or Jacob & Co, the Geneva-based house founded by Hans Wilsdorf, however, has seen its rating increase constantly over the years. years, proof of hunger appetite for brand collectors!

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