Watch news : Top 100 stars in Rolex |

It seems that “sI don’t have a Rolex at 50, we still miss our lives“, An appointment that has become more than famous for the advertiser Jacques Séguéla … One thing is for sure, today we invite you to discover the Rolex of some stars that seem a priori to have succeeded in their lives or at least in their careers!

Brand that symbolizes luxury par excellence, Rolex is the watch you need to have, which many can recognize at a glance, for example, Patek Philippe watches from certain celebrities, but beyond appearances, many smart lovers of luxury watches such as Nicolas Sarkozy, John Mayer and Orlando Bloom also sport chic style choice from brand to crown. Take a look below at the 100 personalities who have chosen the Rolex, be it Daytona, Day-Date, Datejust, Milgauss …

Presentation of personalities slides at Rolex