Watch news : What watches to use in 2020?

The watches follow the same trends as the accessories. Each year, they reinvent themselves to surprise us. If the great classics continue to seduce us, I have a small preference for references inspired by current fashions. In this article, we are going to fly over the watch models to use in 2020.

The wooden clock, essential for environmentalists.

If you are looking for an original model, the wooden clock offers a composition that attracts attention. For several seasons, it has been considered as an accessory that inspires green people. It is embedded gently in the middle of the models we know, and even the department stores are invited. The wooden clocks convinced me with their design.. It is natural and does not lack elegance. The accessory is sophisticated and is gradually entering the catalogs of fashion designers.

Since the wooden clock became popular, this must have come in several models. If you can find different versions available directly in the store, I recommend that you customize it according to your wishes and your personality. Therefore it is possible choose the nature of your wood, the design of your bracelet, the final aesthetic or even the mechanism that will incorporate the accessory.

It is a gift that I would recommend if you like unique accessories and want to be sure of the quality of your investment. Manufacturers specialized in wooden watch makingBamboo, rosewood, walnut and sandalwood are used. In artisans, you can customize every detail and request accessories that suit your tastes.


Connected clocks, multitasking options

Also called SmartWatch, the connected watch is one of those accessories that I can no longer do without. In addition to its design that continues to have an effect, the connected watch is first and foremost a functional accessory that follows me in all my activities. He is a lucid companion that improves not only my quality of life, but also the way I manage my daily life.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only for young people. The miniature device provides functions that allow me to initiate actions on my smartphone. If is one small object of innovation, first of all because it serves me both during my sports sessions and in my work. The connected watch is an accessory that I use when I can’t use my smartphone or when I have to drive great days during which I have to keep my hands free. Once hung on the wrist, it saves me time and transmits information instantly.

This is also a device that I would recommend if you are looking for a practical accessory to find your routes, monitor your health or analyze your physical and sports activity. For some, it would also facilitate sleep tracking. More broadly, the clock connected facilitates the consultation of notifications I can’t read directly on the screen.

The classic, a safe bet.

The classic watch is a suitable accessory for all ages and all sets. She is not neither too sophisticated nor too relaxed. This is a watch that I like to wear with casual attire, to emphasize the elegance of the set without losing its adaptability. The classic watch is one that adopts a beautiful leather strap and knows how to stay discreet. The model is particularly appreciated by men who want to remain discreet, maintaining a certain consistency in the outfits. It can be worn with a suit, as well as with jeans or dress pants. It slips under the sweater or over the jacket, which stands out with distinction.

Everyone around them has at least one copy that they will not hesitate to take out on any occasion. The classic is also timeless and improves all the silhouettes. it is a watch that could well offer My father than a friend whose style of dress I know well. It can also be used by women who like youthful appearance and who assume that it is sometimes an imposing size.

Since the classic watch is used by all categories of people, it is available in affordable models Made of ordinary metals. Attention to representation that must remain elegant in all circumstances. Even on models at low prices, you will have no trouble finding compositions whose finishes are carefully made.


Vintage watches, models to collect

Antique watches are old models, often manufactured by big trademark. These are models that I appreciate for their unique appearance and quality that does not diminish over time. If these are accessories that I recommend for all ages and styles, it is also necessary to choose them carefully.

Trends for 2020 confirm their undeniable place even if wooden clocks are gradually reaching them. Your condition makes all the difference. These are not accessories that are chosen at random, and many manufacturers try to reproduce them with more or less success. Those to remember are the original models, without recording repairs on movements or dial. The fakes offer a lower quality that eliminates all its attractiveness for the accessory.

Do not ignore older models with a spotted dial. These little elements tell the story of the accessory and add cache. The vintage watch can be worn with fluid city clothes, casual or office suits where you want to keep a minimum of sophistication. These include watches that favor small formatsand fit all wrists. In more general terms, it is an accessory that I can use with everything, without denoting it.

However, the big brands are not the only ones that offer beautiful antique watches. It is also possible to find good quality models of former French artisans known for their watchmaking work.