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A new piece joins the iconic collection. Max bill from Junghans. East Automatic Bauhaus It is simply excellent and worked with care in every detail. It perfectly symbolizes the unique bond between the German watchmaker and the famous movement, drawing inspiration from the unique architecture of the building that houses the Bauhaus school.

The Bauhaus, a great name in the field of architecture and design. Both an art school and a movement launched in 1919, is characterized by a decidedly minimalist style and has the motto ” form follows function “The Bauhaus goes straight to the point without being cluttered with unnecessary detail, promoting straight lines and geometric shapes, combining art and technology. This trend still inspires artists and brands around the world today.

The watchmaker’s house Junghans It is closely related to this school of thought, in particular through its long collaboration with the Berlin architect and artist Max bill, which has been designing watches for the brand since 1961. Many of them have been very successful and are still considered actual design references.

Today the collection Max bill it is growing and welcoming a new creation. The Bauhaus Max Max Automatic It beautifully underlines Junghans connection to the Bauhaus and is based on the original drawings by the artist whose name it bears.

From the first glance, we recognize the silhouette, clear at will, clear, elegant. A minimalist look that evokes the Bauhaus architecture. On the matte white dial, fine lines for the indexes, discreet circles every hour, with ecological Superluminova luminescent coating. This understated ensemble has been enhanced, even woken up, with a nice note of vermilion red added on the hour / minute hands and date at 3 o’clock. This shadow refers to the famous main door of the building. The impeccable dial combined with the black cowhide leather strap recalls the contrast between the light walls and the dark glass façade.
The set is housed in a 38mm matte steel case and protected by a domed sapphire crystal and anti-reflective treatment on both sides.

Excellent face, the Bauhaus Max Max Automatic Also on the other hand with a pleasant surprise, barely hidden. In fact, the back of the watch has a very special motif, namely that of the design school with the famous Bauhaus logo, the red front door and the imposing curtain front. The latter allows a glimpse of the watch’s automatic J800.1 caliber through a semi-openwork pattern. A precise and efficient movement that offers a 42-hour power reserve.

Price: € 1,175

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